Chute Trainer, PGA National Teacher of the Year Ink Partnership

Apr 13, 2015


Chute Trainer, Inc., Pocatello, Idaho, a producer of wind-resistance trainers for athletes, has announced a multi-year endorsement deal with Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, reigning PGA National Teacher of the Year, according to

“This is a breakthrough for us,” says Rory Erchul, a founding partner of Chute Trainer, Inc. “With so many training aids and devices on the market today — especially in golf — Kathy brings validity and recognition to the Golf Chute and Chute Trainer brand. We couldn’t have found a more committed supporter or better representative than Kathy.”

The partnership allows Gildersleeve-Jensen to feature the product, and for Chute Trainer to use Gildersleeve-Jensen’s brand and image. The Golf Chute by Chute Trainer uses wind resistance to strengthen a golf swing without adding weights.

“Wind resistance is not a new concept and is used in many sports to increase strength and speed,” Gildersleeve-Jensen says. “If my student uses the Chute Trainer regularly, he or she will see an increase in swing speed. Another great benefit is the Golf Chute design helps create a larger elliptical swing arc and teaches lag in the golf swing.”

For more information, visit chutetrainer.comJ.B.