Goal Zero’s Yeti 1250 is an easy fit for camp grounds and tailgate parties alike.

There’s no mistaking the noise of a rocking tailgate party—beers cracking open, food sizzling on the grill, fans getting pumped for the game…and a generator grumbling in the background. Goal Zero, an eco-friendly outdoor brand that harnesses the power of the sun, is helping tailgaters keep the party going, just at a lower decibel level.

“The tailgating marketplace is a ripe market for us,” says Joe Atkin, Goal Zero’s President and CEO. “We’re enabling people to create new experiences with our solar powered generators, like watching a TV in the wild. The possibilities are endless.”

Founded by entrepreneur Robert Workman, Goal Zero offers a versatile line of portable solar power systems designed a variety of devices—from cell phones to laptops and even refrigerators—anywhere and at any time. That’s one of the reasons the company has found such a receptive audience in the tailgating marketplace.

“When you think about tailgating parties, you try and ignore the downsides,” says Atkin. “There are the obnoxiously loud generators, the fumes, and the amount of money required to fill one up with gas. With Goal Zero, you’re ditching all the negatives without sacrificing on serious power.”

Goal Zero made its debut at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in January. The company got a great response, particularly the Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit. “Retailers love our easy-to-use solar solutions for their customers, especially the Yeti 1250,” says Atkin. “We make things simple—plug in your TV, mini-fridge, or lights and you’re good to go. Hook up the solar panels to recharge the Yeti from the sun and consumers can now ditch the expensive gas required for their traditional generators.”

With the “Go Green” movement still in full force, Atkin believes that Goal Zero will continue to emerge as a great option for tailgaters. “The more we learn about the marketplace, the more opportunities we see,” he says. “Consumers often buy out products for one reason and then find all these other applications.”