Walmart, Big 5 May Benefit Greatly From Sports Authority Closure

Jul 25, 2016


NinthDecimal, a mobile audience intelligence company, recently released a study saying Big 5 Sporting Goods and Walmart could be the two biggest beneficiaries of The Sports Authority’s demise.

NinthDecimal recently tracked 135 million shoppers and found that when it comes to in-store foot traffic, Sports Authority shoppers visited Big 5 Sporting Goods locations 5.8 times more than all other sports retailers, while the same customers patronized Walmart 6.9 times more than other big-box retailers. So it stands to reason that such consumers will visit those two brands more often and proportionally increase their sales, says Lindsey DiGiorgio, vice president of marketing, NinthDecimal.
Per NinthDecimal, Dick’s Sporting Goods, which won the bid to obtain Sports Authority’s intellectual property rights and leases for 31 stores saw the second-highest foot traffic from Sports Authority customers, with 2.7 times more visits on average. Target was second among big-box retailers, with 4.4 times more visits on average. — M.Q.