Nike Hires Top Designer from Under Armour

Mar 22, 2016


Dave Dombrow, who has been called the top designer for Under Armour, Baltimore, was hired away from the company by Nike, Beaverton, Ore., in a major industry shakeup.

After joining Under Armour in 2010, Dombrow worked his way up to senior vice president of design; in that role, he led the company in some of its most high-profile projects, including the signature product lines for NBA MVP Stephen Curry and NFL MVP Cam Newton.

According to Nice Kicks, Under Armour’s shoe sales were up 95% to close out the fourth quarter of 2015, and the move by Nike is intended to reverse that trend.

Because of an industry non-compete clause, Dombrow is expected to take a year off and begin working at Nike in 2017. — J.B.