Majestic Athletic Plans Fan Experiences at MLB All-Star Week

Jun 30, 2016

"MajesticMajestic Athletic, Easton, Pa., is planning to aggressively activate its brand in San Diego during Major League Baseball’s (MLB) All-Star week.

The Majestic Fan Fest Store, which will span nearly 8,000 square feet, will serve as the anchor to energize fans, engage consumers and present a broad range of All-Star apparel. Planned activities include player appearances, an iTOUCH Photo Kiosk, “selfie” mirror, social lounge, hologram station, and guest appearances by DJ Fresh.

Using experiential and interactive platforms, Majestic will give fans an enhanced shopping experience and the chance to curate and amplify social content. The company will deploy three key marketing thematics — “My All-Star,” “Salute to the Military” and “San Diego Sun & Surf Lifestyle” — to connect fans with the MLB All-Star experience.

“My All-Star” will focus on MLB All-Star players and is an extension of the Majestic 2016 “My Team My Colors” Cool Base Jersey campaign that represents creative expression and color choice. The All-Star jerseys expand Majestic’s season-long uniform story with Home Run Derby jerseys that pay homage to the styling and colors of the classic Padres jerseys of the 1970s-1980s. Players will wear the new Flex Base Uniform System featuring a CFX All-Star Game sleeve patch and MLB batter silhouette during the game. Added decorative jersey features include the individual player’s signature and stars representing his number of All-Star Game appearances.

“Salute to the Military” is a celebration of San Diego’s rich naval tradition and distinction of serving as the largest military community in the world. Through the assistance of the San Diego Padres and its Military Affairs Advisor JJ Quinn, Majestic will operate a “Pop-Up Shop” July 6-8 on the flight deck of the USS Midway. In addition, Majestic will donate exclusive military-themed All-Star T-shirts to several local military bases.

The “San Diego Sun & Surf Lifestyle” platform captures the essence of its surf, beach and outdoor activity through fabric, fashion and specialized graphics. The product offering and signage packages inspire consumers to embrace the city’s culture and celebrate the MLB All-Star Game through signature San Diego-styled MLB product.

“We are positioned to provide fans the opportunity to connect with Majestic and Major League Baseball with a unique and immersive All-Star experience,” says Jim Pisani, president, Majestic Athletic. “Fans enjoy the All-Star Game and accompanying celebration. And San Diego is as good as it gets for a host city.”

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