Bud Light Launches Team-Specific NFL Campaign

Sep 6, 2016

"363x277Bud-Light-Miami-Dolphins-Can"To start the 2016 National Football League (NFL) season, Bud Light, St. Louis, has started a campaign that includes cans featuring team logos.

Bud Light launched the campaign with 720 million cans designed with individual NFL team logos. The can launch will be accompanied by a television spot featuring former NFL players Bo Jackson, Justin Tuck and Tim Couch. The spot will debut during this week’s game between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, with a 75-second film directed by Mark Romanek titled, “This is Your Can’s Year.”

“Just like wearing your favorite player’s jersey or team colors is a badge of honor, so is drinking from your Bud Light team can,” says Mark Goldman, Bud Light’s senior marketing director. “Our mission with our new film was to pay tribute to the passion fans feel for their team, and capture the optimism that we all feel as NFL fans at the beginning of the season, when it truly can be your team’s year.” — M.Q.