The DewDrop attaches easily to virtually any vehicle.

Tailgating is about bringing the party with you wherever you go. That makes the DewDrop trailer an indispensable part of the action. With its 40 cubic feet of storage space, the DewDrop has plenty of room for virtually any tailgating need. Its aerodynamic shape means there’s never a problem towing it behind a car of any size. Cullen Tate introduced the DewDrop to rave reviews at the 2013 Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show. Now he’s ready to take the next step.

LOGO: The DewDrop made its debut in Las Vegas. What did you hear from retailers and buyers?
Cullen Tate: They were excited about all the possibilities the DewDrop offered, and loved the fact that they could keep their tailgate party stored right in the trailer, ready to go. And they really liked the fact that with the optional folding tongue, the DewDrop could be stored right in their garage, against a wall, taking up very little space. As a first-time vendor in Las Vegas, we felt welcomed and very well received.

LOGO: Obviously, the DewDrop is a natural fit for tailgating. How important is that marketplace to your business?
Cullen Tate: It was our first and foremost thought when designing a lifestyle trailer. The tailgate community wants to take the party with them easily. We can help them with that. We also feature “one stop shopping” for customization of the trailer. Each DewDrop can be as unique as its owner. We built the DewDrop with a versatile skeleton frame for this reason.

LOGO: So the DewDrop caters to tailgating?
Cullen Tate: Exactly. Thanks to the DewDrop’s portability and storage capacity, tailgaters can pull into their spot, open the rear hatch of the DewDrop and have a top-notch party ready to go in just a few minutes. Options include slide-out floor, cabinetry, drawers, racks, shelves, tables, and more. Then, when you’re done, it all folds back in easily and away you go.

Because of its design, the DewDrop can be towed by small, fuel-efficient vehicles. Plus, you can wheel it into spaces where big trucks and trailers wouldn’t be able to fit. Simply unhook it from the vehicle, roll it where you want to set up and you’re ready to party.

LOGO: As a small company, what are the biggest challenges you face?
Cullen Tate: I’m a builder, not a marketing guy, so I need help getting exposure for the DewDrop. I’m also looking for distribution partners. The DewDrop has so many applications. For example, we are working with other vendors to allow for custom wraps to personalize the trailer for each client’s wishes. On the retail side, we think the DewDrop is perfect for sporting good stores and RV dealers. I’m interested in hearing from anyone who sees an opportunity to partner with us.