The fold-up-fold-out tabletop has been a staple in the tailgating business for more than a decade. When space is at a premium, it solves a multitude of problems. But where do tailgaters put their hottest, heaviest items during a party? Enter Gater Tables with the GaterTop, a heavy-duty polished aluminum table that fits snugly in any pickup bed and unfolds into a 64″ x 40″ surface that can support 220 pounds. “We had a really great reaction here in the Tailgate Zone,” says Max Buchmann about the company’s appearance at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show. According to Buchmann, the idea for the GaterTop was hatched during a San Diego Chargers game. “Due to restrictions by the stadium authorities,” he recalls, “all tailgaters were limited to only one parking spot for their tailgate parties. We set out to design a product that all active outdoor people could use.” That design turned lots of heads in Las Vegas. “It was an amazing experience,” says Buchmann. “The GaterTop was a huge hit.” In addition to the original style, the GaterTop comes in a power-coated version that can be painted in team colors. “Everything you can’t do on a plastic table you can do on a GaterTop,” adds Buchmann. “It’s also good for retailers in the hardware and construction markets, as well as hunting and outdoors. Wherever you go, chances are you’re going to need a sturdy table.”