A recent survey conducted by Braun Research on behalf of Gladiator GarageWorks shows that two out of three sports fans display team memorabilia somewhere in their homes.

Also, male sports fans spend more money on fan-centered pursuits and activities than their female counterparts, doling out an average of $768 per year on tickets, apparel or memorabilia. Women, in comparison, spend an average of $468 to showcase their team pride, according to the survey.

As such, GarageWorks recently introduced a new product geared to such sports fans: PrimTime Lockers. The 6-foot welded-steel storage lockers come in school colors and showcase the logos of 16 collegiate teams — including Ohio State University, Michigan State University, University of Alabama, University of Georgia and University of Florida — with more planned for the future.

“For fans that want to showcase team pride with their own team locker, the launch of new PrimeTime Lockers gives them that opportunity,” says Josh Gitlin, general manager of Gladiator GarageWorks

Each locker also features a three-digit combination for added security and a lifetime warranty. They can be used as standalone storage or combined to create a dedicated sports-themed storage area, Gitlin says.

“Fans can easily put their team loyalty on display with these lockers, whether it’s in the garage, game room, den, bedroom or home gym,” said Karl Champley, DIY expert and master builder. “Having their own team locker is a great solution for getting gear off the floor and showcasing the ultimate pride.”

Other survey findings include: 69% of respondents said they have at least one game-day tradition; 53% of respondents indicated they were “big fans” of professional football, followed by 32% for college football and 23% for baseball; and 26% of the sports fans surveyed said they display sports memorabilia in the living room, followed 10% who said they display it in the garage and 8% who said they display it in the yard.

For more information, visit GladiatorGarageWorks.com. — J.L.