NASCAR, Daytona Beach, Fla., recently announced a partnership with retail conglomerate and property developer AMP Group USA to form I-DRIVE NASCAR, a new indoor high-performance-kart racing facility.

The family-friendly entertainment complex, set to open Dec. 19, will be located at 5228 Vanguard Street, near International Drive, and will feature kart racing, a bowling alley, gaming arcade, dine-in restaurant and corporate meeting space.

The I-DRIVE NASCAR business is part of AMP Group’s ongoing efforts to revitalize the north end of International Drive and will create about 150 jobs.

“This partnership with NASCAR represents a great win for the Orlando community,” says Alejandro Pezzini, chief operating officer at AMP Group. “The strength and popularity of the NASCAR brand will ensure the success of I-DRIVE NASCAR for years to come.”

The facility will feature a half-mile indoor track and environmentally friendly electric karts, powered by Sodikarts and capable of safely reaching speeds up to 45 miles per hour. Individual racing experiences will begin at $22.

“NASCAR fans share a passion for fast cars and thrilling racing,” says Blake Davidson, vice president, licensing and consumer products, NASCAR. “Together with AMP Group we’re excited to bring fans an experience we know they will enjoy, while at the same time introducing NASCAR to younger and more diverse audiences.”

AMP Group plans to build the blueprint for I-DRIVE NASCAR in Orlando before expanding to other United States markets and internationally to Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

For more information, visit nascar.com. — J.L.